David Kadavy - Author "Design For Hackers" Top 20 On Amazon

Among the many achievements David Kadavy has under his belt David has done what a lot of creators struggle with -- David has finished and published a book. Also worked closely with Timeful Inc. founder Dan Ariely to give Google Calendar many of the features it has today. David shares why his philosophy is to set a goal so small that you'd be embarrassed if you failed to accomplish it.

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Rand Fishkin-Phillip Lanos.png

Rand Fishkin - Founder and Former CEO of MOZ

Rand attributes a majority of the success that MOZ, an SEO company, achieved to his WhiteBoard Friday's weekly vlog. Rand continues to share examples of how and why your content needs to be done with purpose in order for you to benefit from the power of this type of contact with your audience.

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Joe Pulizzi - Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Joe cuts straight to the point and exclaims that starting a podcast to build an audience isn't the best move. In fact, Joe attributes the success of his books and institute to his blog and email subscribers but you'll have to be prepared for the journey it truly is to build an audience.

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Frank Sesno - Award-winning American journalist

Without mystery to what he attributes earned Frank Sesno his success - it was his home life growing up that began to shape his personal philosophy of communication. From having a disability in the family and playing the role of mediator to being the student who asked about anything he didn't understand Frank's life is a testament to the power of a skill that slowly escapes us as technology becomes a large part of our life. 

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