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Episode 001 | Making Content, Getting Started Is The Hardest Part | feat. David Kadavy

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David Kadavy is a top 20 Amazon published author know for his book Design For Hackers and has his own podcast Love Your Work which has featured guests such as Seth Godin author of Linchpin, Tribes and many other NY Times best sellers--David has also interviewed Jason Fried founder of Basecamp and many more. 

Episode Summary:
The biggest hurdle for people who want to start a podcast in my experience has been that they don’t know what to talk about--even if they’re a successful entrepreneur, coming up with topics is the hardest part for them so I enlisted one of today’s popular authors and serial podcaster to help me understand how he gets his work done so that I can help others get their content journey started. For me it’s always about getting people to find their voice and to put it out into the world. Tune in and find out how David used a mind game to write, finish and publish his first book Design For Hackers.

For more information please visit: http://www.philliplanos.com

David Kadavy’s Website: http://kadavy.net/
Twitter: @kadavy
Book: https://designforhackers.com/